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English to Korean Translation

Professional Korean Translation


Fast, affordable & scalable professional English to Korean translation and vice versa

Vespucci Languages offers on-demand and high-quality Korean translation services at affordable rates. Many companies large and small trust Vespucci Languages to fuel their global growth.

Working with Vespucci Languages gives you access to hundreds of certified Korean translators with years of translation and localization experience, as well as our intuitive platform and embedded quality tools. Our team of experts can help you manage projects of any size to find a flexible, efficient and economical solution for your translation needs.


Price perfect

Choose between different levels of quality and pricing that suits your need. All Korean translators have been thoroughly screened for each level ensuring optimum translations.

Korean Translation | Vespucci Languages

English to Korean Translation

There is vast difference between English and Korean language. The script of both the languages is very different which makes these languages difficult to translate from one another. One of the other key translation obstacles is the level of formality in Korean language. The translator should be able to identify the audience and translate the content in a way that it sounds appropriate to the target audience.

Korean is also very complex language in terms of sentence structure. For example, it’s normal to omit the subject and object from a sentence in Korean in case they are obvious from the context.

Korean language facts


  • Korean is an East Asian language and is spoken by about 80 million people in the world.

  • Korean is official language of South Korea, North Korea as well as China

  • Korean is the 11th largest language in terms of the number of speakers.

  • Korean is commonly classified as an isolate language, meaning it shows no significant link to any other language on Earth.

  • There are no gender distinctions or grammatical numbers in Korean.


Korean varieties and dialects

The vast majority of Korean speakers are in Korean. However, there are significant Korean speaking communities in parts of China, Japan and Russia.

There are various dialects of Korean. Also, as a result of North and South Korea separation, there is a difference between the Korean spoken in these two countries. The North Korean dialect is considered to be “purer” than that of the South Korea, which has incorporated vocabulary from English and other sources.

Korean translation tips

Translation text contraction


When we translate from English to Korean, the text typically reduces in volume from 10% to 15%. It is very important to take care of this as it can impact the design and appearance of translated text.


Informal vs. formal speech

Korean contains a strong sense of hierarchy. The Korean language uses six types of formal speech and one informal speech, each displaying a different level of respect. This makes the context of your content to be translated of vital importance, as this will determine the level of formality that should be used while translating the text.

Korean translation services at Vespucci Languages

We are a leading provider of professional English to Korean and Korean to English translation. Whether you’re looking to translate from Korean into English or English into Korean, we guarantee that no other LSP can provide translated content of such high quality at such low prices.

Quality you can trust

When translating from English to Korean or vice versa, it’s important to work with native professional translators with similar work experience. Our team of professional Korean translators will deliver excellent quality in a short time. In addition, we can create custom translator teams for your large and unique projects, ensuring the best quality and consistency across projects.


Competitive pricing


Choose between different levels of quality and pricing that suits your need. We provide simple per-word costing to our clients and other costings as per their convenience.



Speed and scale


For your urgent projects, we can provide professional English to Korean and Korean to English translations within few hours. Whether the project has ten words or ten million words, our team of native professional linguists can deliver your projects faster and with high quality.



Our areas of expertise

Planning to expand your business in Korean speaking countries?


At Vespucci languages, you will find solution to all your Korean translation requirements, including:

  • English to Korean website localization

  • English to Korean mobile app localization

  • English to Korean game localization

  • English to Korean product description translation

  • Customer support translation from English to Korean and vice versa

  • Translate marketing copy, ads and social media from English to Korean and vice versa

  • Translate news articles and entertainment from English to Korean and vice versa

  • Translate travel listings and guides from English to Korean and vice versa

  • English to Korean document translation

  • Translate emails, letters and more from English to Korean and vice versa


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