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Successfully create, launch, and optimize multilingual websites with professional localization services

Vespucci Languages makes the process of website localization simple, with affordable rates, expert native-speaking translators, and a cutting-edge translation process.

Open up your business to new markets and grow internationally with our website localization services. Vespucci Languages enables thousands of companies, big and small, to fuel their global growth with cost-effective professional translation services.

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Despite often being used in place of each other, there is a clear difference between process of website translation and website localization.


While Website translation is a process of converting content into a different language through the simple substitution of words, Website localization is a more holistic process of adapting the web content for consumption by a specific audience,
Typically involving translation, as well as formatting and usability alterations and a consideration of particular cultural dislikes and likes.

Localization is the process of adapting the appearance, language and functionality of a website for international language markets. The primary goal of localization is a website that:

  •  Takes into consideration the linguistic, cultural, and technical differences

  • Maintains the original intent of the source text

  • Reads and feels exactly like it was originally written in the target language


A website localization project at first may appear unnerving, but the end result is a website which opens your business to millions of potential new customers, which is key to the long-term growth of any business.

Why localize your website?

Increase reach & improve user experiences

It’s critical to make a good first impression, especially when it comes to dealing with international customers. The preference to read in ones’ native language, meaning localization will help to catch and keep the attention of new customers.

Reduce risk & establish credibility

Having a localized website helps establish your brand’s credibility in your respective target markets. Quality multilingual content effectively reduces the chances of  any customer misunderstandings and misrepresentation of your brand overseas, moreover allowing you to push across the right message and present the correct brand image.

Grow global sales

The ultimate goal of website localization is to tap into the potential international market and increase traffic, eventually resulting in better sales. The ROI for website localization is huge; a well planned international strategy, along with high quality translations makes all the difference to your profit margin.

Price perfect


Choose between different levels of quality and pricing that suits your need. All linguists have been thoroughly screened for each level ensuring optimum translations.

Our website localization process

Project preparation

Your website localization strategy requires conscientious planning to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. After defining your business needs and target languages, we will work with you to create a detailed project plan and workflow that guarantees completion according to your specifications and expectations. Typical steps in the project preparation phase involve:

  • Extraction of all relevant translatable text

  • Estimation of word counts, costs and turnaround times

  • Term glossary and style guide development

  • Creation of a company-specific translation memory (TM) to store all translated content for ongoing and future use

Project execution

The actual translation stage of a website localization project commences once proper guidelines have been established. In the execution phase, the content is distributed to a group of native speaker translators who are briefed on the peculiarity of the project. The assigned linguists will then translate your content according to the instructions and guidelines, after which, a second group of reviewers will edit all translated text to ensure that it is contextually and culturally appropriate for its intended audience.

Post localization QA

Once all the translated content has been checked and approved, files should be reviewed and tested. At this stage, linguistic and functional quality assurance (QA) are highly essential prior to launch.

Why us?

Our localization services makes it easy for businesses to enter international markets quickly and at scale, without breaking the bank. Whether you have a travel booking site, e-commerce storefront, multimedia publishing company or an advertising agency, Vespucci Languages has custom-tailored translation solutions to quickly and easily localize your content for global markets.

Quality process

Our certified 3 stage process ensures quality and consistency in all the projects. Our internal quality team further makes sure that delivered files are always ready to use

Professional native linguist

We strictly work only with native professionals who are experienced in their respective domains. Our linguists from over 100 countries enabling us to deliver quality translations in a wide number of languages

Glossary & TM management

Our technical team uses sophisticated CAT tools to maintain glossaries and TMs for projects upon client's request which helps maintain consistency, and enables us provide better discounts overtime

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